Apr 18, 2024 I will give a plenary talk at CMU in the PQI annual event.
Mar 29, 2024 I will join the program committee for MICRO-57 and QCE-24.
Mar 19, 2024 Bosehedral got accepted at ISCA-2024.
Feb 5, 2024 I will join the program committee of the 2nd Workshop on Quantum Software.
Nov 15, 2023 Elivagar and Fermihedral got accepted at ASPLOS-2024.
Nov 12, 2023 AutoQASM got accepted in WQCS in SC23.
Oct 1, 2023 I will join the program committee of ISCA2024 and DAC-2024.
Apr 18, 2023 I will join the program committee of MICRO-56 and ASPLOS-2024.
Jan 23, 2023 I will join the co-design panel of the Northwest Quantum Nexus summit.
Oct 28, 2022 I will join the steering committee of the NSF workshop on software-hardware co-design for quantum computing.
Oct 5, 2022 Imitation game and PANQOC got accepted at HPCA’23.
Jun 13, 2022 Giallar got accepted at PLDI’22.
Jun 7, 2022 I am giving a talk on Braket and compilation at UCLA Center for Domain-Specific Computing.
Apr 2, 2022 DigiQ got accepted at HPCA’22.
Feb 28, 2022 Paulihedral got accepted at ASPLOS’22.
Oct 18, 2021 I am in the program committee of MICRO 54, serving as the quantum session chair.
Oct 8, 2021 I will join the QCE workshop on Quantum Intermediate Representation as a panelist.